We are having a district wide spirit month in December. Feel free to print the calendar and join us out there in the community. Encourage your place of employment to join us for Operation JOY! We are so excited to see our staff, students, and community member's festive outfits! #BuhlerJOY
about 17 hours ago, Buhler USD 313
spirit month calendar
Another vaccine clinic is coming on December 17th at Plum Creek. See below for details!
7 days ago, Buhler USD 313
Vaccine clinic
Buhler is proud to introduce the following framework that was collaboratively developed with our stakeholders. The DNA of a Buhler Graduate is our way of emphasizing timeless character traits and skills with our students that will help them to navigate any obstacle in the future whether it be school, work, life, or relationships. Below you will see a launch video with interviews from our teachers and administrators, as well as a link to the full DNA of a Buhler Graduate document. This document communicates all 10 of our DNA skills and traits and includes just a few ways these are addressed at each age as students grow through our schools. View the launch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol7z0dnsnF0 View the full DNA of a Buhler Graduate document here: https://5il.co/11kpd
20 days ago, Buhler USD 313
This Wednesday, November 3rd, we will be hosting a Flu and COVID clinic in partnership with the Reno County Health Department. This clinic will be at Buhler High School from 1:00-5:00 and is open to all staff, students, and families. No appointment is necessary. See attached graphic for more information. Below are some FAQs you may have: 1. Is it safe to get the flu shot and the COVID shot/booster at the same time? Yes. 2. What COVID booster is being offered? Reno County Health Department will have all three available and you can choose which one you want. 3. Does it matter which COVID Booster you choose? No. You are able to mix and match brands if you prefer or stay with the same one you originally received. 4. What ages can get the shot? Flu Shots are available to all ages. COVID shots are available to ages 12 and up. 5. When will ages 5-11 have a clinic for the COVID shot? We are working on scheduling one with the Reno County Health Department. There will be more information coming later. 6. What do I need to bring? If you are getting the COVID booster, bring your vaccination card (shows dates of previous COVID shot). If you have insurance, bring a copy of your insurance card. 7. I can't make it Wednesday, what are my other options? You can go to any pharmacy and ask for a flu shot or COVID booster. Buhler Schools will be scheduling more clinics later but no specific dates have been set yet. 8. If I have had COVID recently, do I need to wait 90 days to get the Booster? There is no waiting period if they have had Covid, however, sometimes they may react to the vaccination with not feeling well stronger than someone who has not had Covid. 9. I had the monoclonal antibodies (this is an IV for patients diagnosed with COVID), do I need to wait 90 days to get the Booster? Yes. You will need to wait 90 days if treated with monoclonal antibodies from having Covid. Cindy Couchman, Superintendent of Schools
27 days ago, Buhler USD 313
COVID Clinic
Today we informed two exceptional teachers of their nomination for Kansas Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Courtney Klassen, math teacher at PHMS, will be the USD 313 Secondary Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Shannon Vieyra, 3rd grade teacher at Plum Creek, will be the USD 313 Elementary Teacher of the Year. Congratulations and good luck to both of these amazing educators on their applications! #Bexceptional #CommittedtoExcellence
about 1 month ago, Buhler USD 313
Our district is in need of substitutes in a few areas. We need substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, food service workers, and cares club aides Apply here to be a substitute teacher: https://www.applitrack.com/buhlerschools/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Substitute+Teacher Apply here to be a substitute in another area: https://www.applitrack.com/buhlerschools/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Substitute+-+Classified
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subs needed
Come find us at the Eagle Communications Soar Hire Job Fair today at the Hutchinson Mall!
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job fair
One of the most wonderful things about our Buhler school community is the support and partnership we have with our families. As educators, we need your help to speak with your students regarding the latest TikTok trend. Last month, our schools had some damage done to bathrooms from the September challenge. Our priority is to keep students and staff safe in all situations and have pride in our school and community. Several of the challenges are criminal and could be prosecuted. Please talk to your student about these and the consequences of participating. We are thankful for our awesome students and families. I have confidence that through proactive communication and support, our staff and students can continue to excel in a safe learning environment. Information on challenges: https://www.distractify.com/p/tiktok-school-challenges-list-2021 Cindy Couchman, Superintendent Buhler Schools
about 2 months ago, Cindy Couchman
We are partnering with the Reno County Health Department to offer flu shot clinics in our buildings. See the image for details and download the form that is needed here: https://bit.ly/3ubmD8w #BetterTogether
2 months ago, Buhler USD 313
Flu shot clinics
Parents: Please check your email regarding permissions/preferences for COVID testing and quarantining information should your student be identified as a close contact in the future. Please fill out the form ASAP. #BetterTogether Cindy Couchman, Superintendent, Buhler Schools
3 months ago, Cindy Couchman
On Thursday Mrs. Couchman, USD 313 Superintendent, announced a new Covid 19 testing protocol that will allow close contacts to remain in school, activities, and at work. You may find the Facebook Live video detailing this plan here: https://fb.watch/7M-72dL6V3/ or click through here for more information: https://www.usd313.org/article/526934
3 months ago, Buhler USD 313
stay to learn
Join Mrs. Couchman on Facebook Live tomorrow, September 2nd, at 12:00 noon to learn about our Stay to Learn and Play testing options.
3 months ago, Buhler USD 313
HELP NEEDED! We need bus drivers to transport our students to school and activities, food service, custodians, and technology help Apply in person or online: https://www.applitrack.com/buhlerschools/onlineapp/ Call the district office for more information - 620-543-2258
3 months ago, Buhler USD 313
Yesterday we had the pleasure of informing two exceptional teachers that they are being nominated for the Kansas Horizon Award. Our nominees this year are Ms. Katelyn Stoss, music teacher at Plum Creek Elementary, and Mrs. Nicole Menard, English/Language Arts teacher at Buhler High School. Congratulations to these two and good luck with your applications! See below for details regarding the Kansas Horizon Award. “The Kansas Horizon Award program identifies and recognizes representatives of excellent teaching in the elementary and secondary classrooms of the state. The mission of the program is to recognize exemplary first-year teachers who perform in a way that distinguishes them as outstanding.” #Bexceptional #CommittedtoExcellence
3 months ago, Buhler USD 313
Mrs. Menard
Mrs. Menard and students
Ms. Stoss
Ms. Stoss and students
Power is currently down at Plum Creek Elementary, which means the phone lines are down. If you need a message delivered to your student before the end of school please email secretaries Mrs. Lalicker and Mrs. Ratzlaff. You may also call the district office at 620-543-2258
3 months ago, Buhler USD 313
Meals continue to be free, excluding ala carte, this year. If your student is not interested in the main meal and brings a sack lunch, they must pick at least 3 items from the list below in order for it to count as a fully reimbursable meal.
3 months ago, Buhler USD 313
Pick 3
Check out the fall sports opportunities from Hutch Rec! Register in person at 17 E. 1st or online at hutchrec.com
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Hutch rec
PCE Families, Please Come Join Us!! Back to School Swim!!
3 months ago, Sheila Berridge
Back to School Swim
We are so excited to welcome our students back tomorrow morning! This message is to communicate to parents and students that due to Federal Law all individuals riding in a school vehicle including busses are required to wear a facemask. If your student is using our transportation, a facemask will be required before boarding the bus.
4 months ago, Buhler USD 313
Early Release Reminder We will release at 1:05pm, August 17, 18, & 19. There will be no school Friday, August 20, 2021.
4 months ago, Plum Creek Elementary
Early Release Reminder